Introduction Concept
The Sodi World Series (SWS) is an international ranking of the top Sodi rental kart drivers in the world, with the final championship races held usually in Europe the following May. MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama (Bandar Utama) is a partner track in the SWS Sprint CUP and SWS Endurance CUP.

How does it work?
Interested participants must sign-up as an SWS driver at and select the appropriate partner track (in Malaysia: MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama). For the rest of this year 2022, we will offer SWS Sprint and Endurance races in which registered drivers will earn SWS points in their respective category.
To participate in a SWS race, drivers must register with MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama for the race, then sign-up as a participant for that particular race on the SWS website ( Total points awarded for a particular race are based on the total number of SWS participants in that race, so even if you don’t care to participate, signing- up with help your fellow drivers earn points. Local, national, and worldwide SWS rankings will be based on each driver’s top ten scores for the year.

For further information of the Sodi World Series, please refer to:


These Regulations apply to all SWS Sprint races organised by Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd and cover the following categories:

1.Senior Cup : Age 15 and above



Tel : +60 12 297 4870
Email :
Web :

Registration Process

Call +60 12-296 4870 (Imran) or +60 12 297 4870 (Victor) to book your slot for the SWS Race Series in MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama.

2. DATES FOR 2022


SWS Sprint Venue


Round 1

1 Utama

20 February 2022

Round 2

1 Utama

27 March 2022

Round 3

1 Utama

8 May 2022

Round 4

1 Utama

5 June 2022

Round 5

1 Utama

3 July 2022

Round 6

1 Utama

7 August 2022

Round 7

1 Utama

11 September 2022

Round 8

1 Utama

2 October 2022

Round 9

1 Utama

6 November 2022

Round 10

1 Utama

4 December 2022

* Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd retains the right to change the amount of rounds and dates published. Any changes will be communicated via its website and social media channels.

 Each round will be held from 9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Drivers briefing starts at 8:45 am. This is mandatory for all Drivers to attend.
  • All Drivers have to be at the track latest by 8:30 am to avoid penalties for not attending the mandatory Drivers Briefing.
  • All Drivers will receive the Rules and Regulations of MORAC Go-Kart @ 1Utama and SWS Sprint Race.
  • All Drivers must go through this document to avoid confusion during the race or over the season.


3.1  Open to all racing enthusiasts, Male or Female above the age of 15 years.

3.2  All Malaysian drivers must be in possession of a valid 2022 Novice, National or International Karting License issues by MAM only. Foreign residents residing in Malaysia may opt to apply for a Malaysian license from MAM.

3.2  Open to all nationalities and each driver is included in the national ranking corresponding to the country of their home track (MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama), and not of his or her own nationality.

3.3  To participate in the series, each driver must obtain a Driver Identification Number (DIN) to be considered a SWS driver. To obtain a DIN, a driver must register online on Once awarded, the DIN is valid for all SWS-certified events in all the categories proposed in accordance with the principles of this SWS Regulation. The DIN will allow the driver to be integrated into the SWS event results in which he is participating and thus to accumulate points in the various SWS rankings.

3.4  When creating a driver’s account, the driver email address must be valid and match the same driver. The registration of the driver will only be effective after verification and validation of his email address.

3.5  Each driver has to pay the race fees to Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd 1 week before the scheduled race date to be eligible for the race.

3.6  Each driver must provide correct and verifiable information at the time of registration (gender, date of birth, surname and given names). Any false information may be the subject of a deletion of the driver’s account by Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd.

3.7  Once the DIN is acquired, the driver can pre-register for the event on the (calendar page, and then on the specific event page); and also by registering at the respective MORAC kart track venue after paying the race fees. Pre-registration of drivers allows the Series Organiser to anticipate the organisation of a SWS event. A non-pre-registered driver may be denied access to our SWS event.

Participating drivers may be required to communicate their DIN, provide an ID proof and the proof of payment to the respective MORAC kart track venue.

3.8  To qualify for the SWS FINALS 2022, a SWS driver must have taken part in at least 3 valid SWS events held at the respective MORAC kart tracks venue during the 2022 season.

3.9  A national ranking exists for the SWS SPRINT SERIES as soon as a minimum of 3 events of this category are organised by the Series Organiser during the whole SWS season.
A minimum of 6 SWS drivers are required to take park in a SPRINT CUP category to make the race official.

3.10  Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd and SODIKART will not be held responsible for material or bodily harm that may be suffered by any drivers or their accompanying persons as part of their participation to the SWS Malaysia 2022 race events held at MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama. Participants in SWS recognise and accept the risks associated with the practice of physical activity during racing and undertake to indemnify Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd and SODIKART against all claims or costs arising out of or participating at any event organised by Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd and SODIKART.

Drivers are recommended to wear full karting race gear.
Slippers and high heels are not allowed.
Sport shoes, long pants and long sleeve tops are the minimum requirement for this race.

3.11  MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama has a strict no alcohol, drugs or any kind of intoxicants policy. Any racer found abusing this rule will be immediately disqualified and given a 1 month ban from the track.

3.12  There will be a capping of 30 drivers per round on a first come first registered and fully paid basis.

The point ranking shall be determined in accordance with the methodology set out by SODIKART.
All the calculations are then carried out automatically by the computer system and the rankings are put online on the SWS website, MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama website, Facebook page and Instagram page.
The sum of the 10 best results of the driver will determine the Champion of the SWS Malaysia race event.
Ranking for the MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama SWS 2022 race even is subject to the following rankings and sub-rankings (which can be consulted at any time on the SWS website on the “Ranking”page;
– International Rankings
– National Rankings
– Tracks Rankings
– Sub Rankings

Ladies Sprint CUP International ranking o 15-25 years old International ranking
26-39 years old International ranking
+40 years old International ranking


* The points calculation does not change, the points will integrate the ranking category.
* The International & National – rankings are defined by the country of the home track of each driver.

Sprint Cup Scoring System

Scoring system event with 6 – 20 drivers :-

  • –  The winner will score 1,000 points + the number of participants (meaning

    1,006 to 1,020 points maximum)

  • –  The last driver will score 0 points + the number of participants (meaning 6 to

    20 points maximum)

  • –  Above 20 participants, a system with scales will define the number of points

    scored by the winner and the last driver for each event :- Scale 1 – from 21 – 30 drivers:

    • 1,021 points (1,021 points + 1 point bonus) for the winner

    * 21 points (20 points + 1 point bonus) for the last participant

  • –  Scale 2 – 31 drivers or more:

    • 1,022 points (1,020 points + 2 points bonus) for the winner

    • 22 points (20 points + 2 points bonus) for the last participant Depending on the number of participants, a logarithmic formula will then automatically distribute the points between the first and the last position of the event ranking.

    In order to continuously improve the organisation of the SWS; SODIKART and MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama reserves the right to change without notice these SWS & MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama REGULATIONS at any time. The corrected or amended Regulation will then be immediately posted on the SWS AND MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama websites and social channels and it is the responsibility of competitors to keep in touch with any changes.
    This is a leisure competition and NO protests will be entertained.
    1. 7.1  All drivers are required to go through the following:
      1. (a)  10 Minutes Free Practice

        Free driving around the track for 10 minutes to get the feel of the track

        and know the circuit.

      2. (b)  5 Minutes Qualifying

        This session is to get the fastest time around the track. The grid for the final race will be set according to the results of this session. The driver’s session ends when he / she comes into the Pits, irrespective of the number of laps completed.

      3. (c)  15 Minutes Final Race

      This is a proper race format which will be a standing start (GRID START). Championship points will be given to drivers based on their finishing position.

    2. 7.2  Grid Start
      Start of race will be indicated by the Red lights going out. In the event that the lights are inoperative, waving of the Green flag by the start line marshal will indicate the start.
    3. 7.3  Jump Start
      A jump-start will be deemed to have occurred if a driver starts to move his/her kart before the start lights have gone out. Depending on the severity, a 3 to 10 second time penalty will be imposed by the Clerk of the Course on any competitor deemed to have jumped the start of the race. The penalty will be applied to the race result.
  1. FLAGS

    Drivers are required to obey the general rules on the use of flags in motor racing, as flags are used to communicate with all drivers. Please respect these rules for your own safety.

    Yellow flag:
    Signal of an incident or obstruction ahead. Slow down and no overtaking is allowed until you see a Green flag. Penalty of 2 positions / 20 points will be given to anyone for disobeying this flag.
    Red flag:
    Race or session has been stopped. ALL drivers must IMMEDIATELY slow down and return to the start line and form a single line of karts, as indicated by the marshal. If it is a race, and

    1. (a)  If less than 50% race distance has been completed by the leader, the race

      will either be re-run in its entirety or abandoned in which case the result

      becomes null and void.

    2. (b)  If 50% race distance or more has been completed by the leader; the race will

      be deemed to have ended. The race result will be based on the order of crossing the finish line at one lap less than at the time of the first showing of the Red Flag. Only karts that are under their own power at the showing of the Red Flag will be classified in the results.

    3. (c)  Disobeying a Red Flag and by not reducing speed or causing an accident will entail immediate disqualification from the event.

    Black flag:
    You have been disqualified from the race event. Slow down and return to the Pits and see the Clerk of the Course.
    Chequered Flag:
    End of Race. Slow down and return to the Pits.
    White Flag:
    Last lap




Brake and LED lights


Front tyres


Rear tyres


Front Bumper or Front Fender


Rims and Tie Rods (each)


Side Fender


Steering Column


Stub Axle


Rear Bumper


Rear Axle



    SWS Sprint racing fees per event is RM400.00 which consist of the practice, qualifying and the race proper and usage of the kart.
    Payment should be made a week before the race to secure your spot for the race. MORAC Go-Kart @ 1 Utama and Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd does not practice a refund policy.


    SWS is a leisure karting race series designed to encourage new and experienced kart drivers to participate in a fun series with a global audience. Karting is a non- contact motor sport. However, accidental contact does occur and will be accepted by the Organisers. However, deliberate contact or sporting conduct infringements will not be tolerated and punishment will be either in the form of time penalties or a “Black Flag”

    Any disputes between participants should be resolved in a respectful and courteous manner. In the event that this is perceived not possible, the matter should be brought before the Clerk of the Course to mediate a resolution and his decision will be final.

    Abusive comments on any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or any public forum are completely forbidden. Competitors and their associates are strongly advised to guard against participating in contentious, divisive or damaging conversations, either verbally or via these means.

    The Organisers reserve the right to refuse the entry of any competitor in future competitions if he / she refuses to abide by any decision of the Clerk of the Course or resorts to publicly criticizing the event, Organisers or anyone involved in the running of the series.