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All purchases will be transacted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).


All bookings and payments must be completed before racing. All payments are final. During Peak hours, kindly accept delays in answering of the Hotline number. Our representative will get in touch with you as soon as they can.

The race ticket is valid for the particular year of purchase only.


1. If you have purchased a race ticket which does not match with the booking system at the track, you should contact us at info@morac1utama.com within five (5) working days. We practice a STRICT NO REFUND policy. Once a race ticket is purchased and the transaction is successfully generated with a valid ticket, this will be deemed as a non-refundable sale.

2. Tickets once sold are considered NON-REFUNDABLE.

3. At all times, Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd, reserves the rights to cancel and/or reschedule any session without consent from customers. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd shall not be held responsible for any costs or penalties related to accommodations, other travel costs incurred and/or any other losses/ damages as a result of such cancellation and/or reschedule.

4. In case of bad weather or any circumstances relating to postponing or rescheduling a session, Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd will not be responsible for any refunds. 

5. The race ticket is valid for the particular year of purchase only. If the race ticket is not used within the year of purchase, it will be deemed as null & void the following year.


All drivers are required to arrive forty-five (45) minutes prior to their reservation time. Any driver who arrives late for their session may miss out on their session(s). Reservations cannot be delayed for late arrivals if there is an adverse impact on the running of the day. Failure to arrive for your reservation will result in the slot being postponed or even cancelled and for this cancellation, you will not be entitled to a refund.


Morac Go Kart Track 1 Utama operates a strict no alcohol and drug use policy. If we have doubt as to a driver’s ability to drive, or believe that any driver may be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, we will not permit that person to drive. Please note, that we will not refund or waive any fees paid or owing in the event that we disqualify a driver for the above reasons.


If it rains or the track is wet, the event will still take place until advised otherwise by the track marshals. Should the weather be to severe to race, the race will be re-scheduled to a new time and date. 

If the race session has NOT STARTED and there is heavy rain, the race session can be rescheduled to a different date and time within the particular year of purchase.

Once a race session has started and it starts raining heavily, the track marshals will call in all the drivers back to the pit lane. The session will be considered used and NO REFUND will be given. 

Race Reschedule 

If a race session has to be rescheduled, it will be done within the year of the race tickets purchased only. 

Race reschedules will only be valid for sessions that HAVE NOT BEEN STARTED.


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Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd or its management may change or impose further terms and conditions from time to time and by purchasing the product(s) or service(s) herein, you agree to be bound by those terms and conditions as imposed and/or may be imposed by Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd or its management.

Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd or its management reserves the rights to refuse customers from driving if we determined that:

    1. it is necessary for safety reason;
    2. it is necessary to comply with any applicable laws or relevant authorities;
    3. the ticket is obtained through illegal or fraudulent means;
    4. payment for the session is incomplete or not fully paid;
    5. passenger’s actions or the driver’s personal belongings might cause harm to other drivers;
    6. late check in by passenger.

2. Passengers are required to arrive at the track at least 45 minutes prior to their scheduled race time. Failure to do so will result in postponing or cancellation of booking or purchase, at the cost and expenses of the customer. 

3. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd and its management shall not be held responsible or liable should the customer(s) missed to drive their session or is refused to drive due to any external reasons leading to the track marshal to refuse them to drive.

4. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd, is not responsible for the change(s) of booking(s) and/or delay(s) due to unforeseen circumstance(s) or circumstance(s) beyond control such as lockdown or bad weather and in such event, purchased tickets, fees and charges are not refundable. A new  replaceable date and time will be given to the customer. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd is not responsible for any incidental costs or damages due to such change(s), delay or inability/ restriction to operate.

5. The ticket is not transferrable and is only valid for the date and time as stated on the ticket, Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd will not allow refund for used or expired ticket.

6. Passengers shall undertake that they shall not pose any safety risk to either themselves or to others. They shall adhere to all relevant standard operating procedures and house rules relating to public safety and security precautions, Covid-19, other viruses and/or dangers of whatsoever kind, as implemented and/or may be implemented by Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd, relevant authorities and/or management at all times.

7. Passengers are solely responsible over their own health, safety and security during the travel. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd, its management shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damages, deaths, injuries and/or virus infections occurred during the race or being on the premises.

8. Passengers must ensure that the belongings that they brought to the track shall be free from defect, and shall be safe and suitable to at a motorsport facility. Customers should not carry illegal drugs, pets or other prohibited or illegal materials when coming to the track. Customers shall be solely responsible for any damage which they caused to the other customer(s).

9. In certain situations, for safety or security reasons, Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd or its authorised management may conduct a search on customers’ personal belongings for any prohibited or illegal materials. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused to you and/or your personal belongings during such search.

10. Customers shall assume their own risk when they are on the track and bringing their personal belongings along. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the personal belongings.

11. Passengers with disability are allowed to bring their wheelchair into the track at own risk. It is advisable for passengers on wheelchair to come with a companion or guardian.

12. Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd may at its sole and absolute discretion vary any terms and conditions and/or the race schedule(s) without prior notice and without your prior consent.

13. If any of the terms, conditions and provisions contained in this Terms of Use or Privacy Policy shall become or be declared invalid or unenforceable by any court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining terms, conditions and provisions all of which shall remain in full force and effect.

Covid-19 and Movement Control Order (MCO) or such other restrictions imposed by local authority(ies)

You shall comply with all the standard operating procedures imposed and/or to be imposed by the government and/or local authority(ies) and/or our management from time to time in relation to the measures or precautions to combat Covid-19 and/or due to the implementation of the MCO or such other restriction(s) in whatsoever description.

You hereby confirm that you had completed Covid-19 vaccination (or such vaccination program) approved by the local government authority no less than 14 days (for 2-dose vaccine) or 28 days (for 1-dose vaccine) prior to the date of travel. You shall be responsible for your own risk during the travel and shall submit the travel permit, vaccination certificate, health test report and/or such other relevant documentation as may be required by the management.